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DR.C is the online repository of Stefano Massa's work and research in the field of modeling, visualization, graphic design and web development. It is also a place where to define a common ground to all these different domains and a playground for experimenting with information.

Stefano (aka @doctorcrowd) is a trained architect and visual designer. His work and research is focused on the relationship between matter, society and information. In 2005 he graduated from IUAV University in Venice with a 5-year program of Architecture degree. He has been practicing in Italy, France and United Kingdom. In 2009 he was care of Arcosanti, the experimental urban laboratory of Paolo Soleri in the desert of Arizona. He is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. He is also speaking in third person, something which he is not really good at and which usually horrifies him.

The design of this website was made possible by people sharing their knowledge. People like PeHaa (, Ben Fry and Casey Reas (, Jürg Lehni and Jonathan Puckey (, Massimo Banzi (, Ton Roosendaal and the Blender Foundation ( That's why I am advocating for sharing information, open source initiatives and free software. I invite you to do the same. And yes, I believe everything is a remix.